Roof cave-in at Irish Times in Laurium

LAURIUM – The roof of the Irish Times Pub and Restaurant’s banquet room caved in early this morning, according to the Laurium Fire Department. No one was hurt in the incident, said LFD Chief Dan Zubiena, and the main restaurant area of the establishment appears undamaged.

Zubiena said a resident of an apartment building next door who also happens to work at the Irish Times heard the collapse and callled it in at 3:50 a.m. Firefighters responded to make sure no one was inside and to make sure no gas lines had been severed.

“The whole room is caved in, and the wall on the outside is kind of bowed,” Zubiena said of the one-story brick structure. It appeared snow weight was the main cause of the collapse, he said.

Zubiena said an engineer or contractor would likely be needed to confirm the safety of the main restaurant, but he didn’t see any problems there.

“I think the man will be able to operate in near future,” he said.