Storm damaged Quincy Mine Hoist

HANCOCK – The July 21 storm that knocked out power to much of the Copper Country also caused damage at the Quincy Mine Hoist north of Hancock, but Glenda Bierman said most of the damage has been repaired.

Bierman, the QMH manager, said the storm ripped some metal panels off the roof of the gift shop building, blew a window out of the shaft house and knocked over the large sign on U.S. 41 in front of the property.

Construction work has been going on at the site, and Bierman said some one from LJJ Construction let her know about the damage to the gift shop.

“When I (was driving to the) site about 8:30 (a.m.), I got a call from the contractor who said, ‘Are you aware there’s a whole in the roof?'” she said.

Besides the metal roof panels, Bierman said the roof decking under the panels was also blown off.

“Luckily there was no water damage (to the gift shop),” she said.

The roof panels were found and replaced after new decking was installed.

The window blown out of the shaft house has also been replaced, and the sign was given a new larger wood base.

There was no other damage from the storm to the site, Bierman said, and strangely, there was no damage to the area around the site.

Tours went on as planned the day of the storm, Bierman said.

“We actually had 120 people take tours that day,” she said.

There was some power to the site from a generator, but visitors were given high-powered flashlights for the tour in the mine.

“Some of the visitors enjoyed it more because it was more like the miners’ experience,” she said.

LJJ Construction did the repairs, and Bierman said the cost to repair the gift house roof was $2,408. Replacing the window in the shaft house cost $260, and repairing the sign cost $2,400.

Bierman said the efforts of the QMH staff and the LJJ Construction workers made it possible to open the site the day of the storm.