Lead paint: KML revisited by County Board

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Keweenaw Mountain Lodge board members listen as Sandra Gayk reads a letter regarding the lead paint issue at the KML.

EAGLE RIVER — The question of lead-based paint being an issue at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge was again addressed at Tuesday’s KML board meeting.

Don Piche, board chairman said he dealt with the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department for move than a week, after the topic of lead paint being present at the lodge was brought up at the January meeting.

“They suggested that we should go to UP Engineering; they’re the ones that did the lead paint analysis at the time when that was remodeled,” Piche said. “So, Sandra (Gayk, board member) went and did that, and there’s a letter she wants to read from UP Engineering on what they have to say:”

Gayk said she, Jim Vivian, fellow board member, and Piche spent quite a bit of time on the issue, as they regarded it as a serious issue.

“I spoke with Chris Holmes, who is the Environmental Engineer at UP Engineers (& Architects) and wrote this memo that I’ll read, but I also sent the memo back to Chris Holmes asking him, ‘did I say anything inaccurate here?’ He sent it back and said, ‘no, it’s perfect.'”

The memo was in regard to the report from the engineering firm which conducted the lead paint testing at the mountain lodge in 2006. The report also contained information on the steps required to protect workers involved in construction and demolition at the lodge during the winterization and expansion project.

“Chris said they took paint samples from the cabins that were winterized and of the main lodge. They determined lead paint was present,” the letter read. “He said these samples would be fairly representative of the remaining cabins.”

Holmes went on to say that the lead paint present at the lodge presents no threat to the public, because their stays are short term, the letter stated.

“Mr. Holmes said there is no legal requirement for further testing for lead paint, nor is there any requirement to remediate the lead paint that is present unless further demolition or renovation is proposed or completed.”

Del Rajala, board member, then asked that the letter be read into the minutes, “so they can be looked on, not only tomorrow, next week, but next year, and put the credentials of Mr. Holmes in there as well.”