Police see increase in fake IDs

Wayne Butler

By Graham Jaehnig


HANCOCK — The Hancock City Police Department has been experiencing an increase in the number of minors trying to gain access to bars using phony identification cards, according to Police Chief Wayne Butler. Butler is sending e-mails to other local law enforcement agenices of the issue.

“What it looks like they’re doing is putting their names on other drive licenses, and then changing the date of birth, Butler said. “Informational holograms are able to be peeled off and replaced with a sticker.”

Butler said his department has seen three fake IDs in the past two weeks, all of them at the same establishment.

“We give them credit for paying attention to the IDs, and for confiscating them and calling us,” Butler said, “and of course, for not serving them.”

Butler said the fake IDs are from the states of Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

John Donnelly, Houghton Police chief said his department has also been seeing an increase in fake IDs in that department’s jurisdiction.

“We’ve had several at different bars,” he said. “People can get them on the internet.” As Butler has seen, Donnelly said the fake IDs are typically from out of state.

Donnelly said there are a number of options law enforcement agents can use in regards to minors using fake IDs.

“We can ticket them. We can arrest them. The thing you have to understand is there are a number of crimes committed in trying to use a fake ID,” Donnelly said. “A couple of kids got arrested for it recently.”

Donnelly said business owners can, and have been, a great help in curbing the crimes.

“Bars, stores, gas stations, anywhere alcohol is sold,” Donnelly said. “They can simply grab the ID, stall the person, call the police, and we’ll come down and handle it from there.”