UPPCO issues scam warning to customers

MARQUETTE — Upper Peninsula Power Company is urging its customers, including business customers, to be aware of scammers who may call them posing as UPPCO representatives. Recently, several customers have reported being contacted and informed that they owe money to UPPCO and will have their power turned off unless payment is made immediately with a pre-paid credit card. Upper Peninsula Power Company will never require customers to purchase a pre-paid credit card for payment.

Any UPPCO customer who receives a suspicious call should not provide any private information, account or banking information. If you are not sure it is UPPCO, simply hang up and call UPPCO at 800-562-7680. UPPCO can verify if a call was made to a customer and verify their account status. If possible, write down any information the caller provides including the call date and time, phone number to call back and any information showing up on caller ID. It is also important to understand that if customers are behind on their bills they will receive a notice in the mail from UPPCO.

For more information, please visit www.uppco.com and click on Your Home/Safety and view Scam Warning under Quick Links.