Lakeshore Ave. to reopen to traffic

Gravel to be put down during sidewalk improvements

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette Work is seen on Lakeshore Drive Thursday morning. Gravel will be put down to the Suomi Restaurant to reopen traffic on the street.

HOUGHTON — Lakeshore Drive should soon be reopened to traffic, City Manager Eric Waara said Wednesday.

The east end of Lakeshore Drive has been paved, with another layer yet to be added.

“We wanted to just put the bottom course down, let the construction happen, then put the top course on so it’s nice and fresh and clean and you don’t have all the construction traffic on it during the construction project,” Waara said.

Gravel is being put down by the Ambassador Restaurant, which should soon allow the Quincy Street intersection to be reopened. In the next phase, the road will be graveled from Bridge View Park to the Suomi Restaurant.

“They need both ends opened up so people can get to the Suomi, get to the library from either end,” he said. “We don’t want just one way in anywhere. While that’s going on, they’ll be working on curbing, sidewalks, things like that, but the road will be graveled and graded.”

Waara said College Avenue will be milled and repaved in September. The measure will hold the avenue over until a larger rebuilding project in 2021.

To maximize speed, Waara said, the work will mostly be done at night. It should take only one to two nights, he said. While the dates have not been set, Waara said it would be done on a weeknight, and steer clear of large Michigan Technological University events.

“It’s not going to be in the front of your house for eight hours straight,” he said. “It’ll be by your house and way down the block by the end of the night.”