Parking preoccupying police according to chief

HANCOCK — The Hancock Police are being overwhelmed with an increasing number of parking complaints, according to Police Chief Wayne Butler, warning that these calls that are tying up officers.

“People are confused by the fact that city streets are city streets,” Butler said. They are not people’s personal property or private parking spaces.”

Butler mentioned two calls the office received Thursday within an hour of each other, from houses next door to each other.

“It was the same location, and they both have two vehicles,” he said. “Each person thinks it’s more important on whether they’ve lived there longer, or their cars are newer, but one of the concerns we had was there was a driveway there that wasn’t being used that somebody could have parked a car in.”

Butler said one solution to calling the police with a parking complaint is to talk with neighbors who live nearby.

“Be courteous to each other,” he suggested. “Talk to your neighbors, get to know who is in your neighborhood. We have no way of knowing if somebody lives above a business, or some of these houses have three and four apartments in them, and we don’t know if that car belongs there or not.”

Another solution Butler suggested is for concerned vehicle owners to call City Hall and ask whether it permissible to park a car in a particular place, or to call City Hall to learn about obtaining a parking permit for city parking.

“It doesn’t matter where you live,” Butler said. “If you’ve got a mixture of permanent residents and temporary residents, there will be complaints. Everybody wants convenience, and nobody wants to walk anymore, and everybody wants to be able to be the first one out.”