PLDL announces millage renewel

On Nov. 7, Houghton and Portage Township voters will be asked whether or not to continue supporting their library. The proposal would provide for a 7-year renewal of the 1.96 mill property tax that generates the majority of the library’s revenue.

The proposal will not ask for any additional new millage. It merely continues a levy that has been in place for over 20 years: 1.96 mills for a period of 7 years, which will produce an estimated $460,000 per year to maintain the Library’s services, programs, and operations.

The rate of 1.96 mills will cost $1.96 per $1,000 of taxable property. The average cost per household in the city of Houghton is $97 a year, or $8.08 a month. The average cost per household in Portage Township is $64 a year, or $5.33 a month.

The Portage Lake District Library is almost entirely funded by the revenues of the dedicated property tax.