South Tezcuco to return to one-way

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette Cars are seen parked on the south portion of Tezcuco Street in Hancock. The Hancock City Council approved returning the street to one-way traffic, while keeping the parking perpendicular. Signage will also be put up on Tezcuco and Ravine streets informing drivers where and how they can park.

HANCOCK — Traffic on the south portion of Tezcuco Street will be going back to one-way.

The Hancock City Council approved the change Wednesday but decided not to amend parking on that or Ravine Street.

Signs will also be posted on the north and south portions of both streets before winter, alerting drivers to what side of the street to park on and how.

The council approved the change 4-1, with Councilman John Haeussler voting against it. He cited numbers from the Department of Public Works showing 15 parking spaces under the current perpendicular parking on the west side, versus the 18 parking spaces that would be possible under the old system of angle parking on both sides.

The council voted 5-0 for Haeussler’s motion to put up the parking signs before winter.

Perpendicular parking had been added on the streets for the first time during construction last year on Quincy Street. A city administrative order was set to restore the south portion of Tezcuco to one-way.

DPW recommendations called for two-way traffic to remain on the other section of Tezcuco and on Ravine Street but left the option of switching from perpendicular parking to parallel.

DPW Director Bill Marlor said given the slope of the street, parallel parking can be difficult in winter. However, he noted, people reverted to parallel on Ravine Street during the winter.

“Perpendicular, they prefer not doing that when the snowbanks encroach on the streets,” he said.

An earlier motion by Haeussler included the one-way on the southern portion of Tezcuco but would have included angled parking on the west side and parallel parking on the east side. The north side of Tezcuco and both portions of Ravine would remain unchanged. That motion failed 2-3, with Haeussler and Mayor Pro Tem Ted Belej voting in favor; Mayor Lisa McKenzie and Councilmen Dan Seguin and Paul LaBine were opposed.