Laurium will not get a new dump truck

LAURIUM — The Laurium Village Council took no action on a motion to bid on an eight-year-old tandem-axle dump truck currently up for auction, after some discussion.

Jeff Kalcich head of the Public Works Department, felt the truck would fit the needs of the village, particularly with the new Snow Go the village purchased earlier at a cost of $48,000.

Trevor Hodges, council member, said that Kalcich wanted to bid $25,000 on the truck, and sell a single-axle dump truck the village owns. He would ask $15,000 for the 1996 truck, Hodges said, reducing the final cost of the newer truck to $10,000.

“All I’m saying is we should think about bidding on it,” Kalcich said. “I’m not saying we have to buy it. If it goes for a good price, we should think about getting it. I’m not saying go out and spend the $25,000.”

Ed Vertin, village administrator, said that in the past, approximately $20,000 to $25,000 was always reserved in the public improvement fund to cover the cost of any breakdowns or similar expenses, but since the state has stopped revenue sharing with the counties, the village has lost a $1.1 million cash-flow.

“That’s why we went out and asked the tax payers, residents, for the millage,” Vertin said, “to try to make up some portion of the difference, which it has.”

Kalcich said on the open market the tandem-axle truck is probably worth $30,000.

“I’ve seen them go for $15,000,” he said. “It all depends on who’s there, the weather, and the last days. We could get a real good deal. Say it goes more than $20,000, or $22, then you just walk away. You ain’t out nothing.”

Kalcich said he would set the asking price on the 1996 single-axle dump truck at $15,000, but it would not sell locally at that price.

“The whole point of getting a tandem-axle,” Hodges said, “is we have the new blower that we need the capacity for.”

Kalcich said with the tandem, it would reduce the number of trucks, and therefore drivers, from four to three.

Hodges made the motion to allow Kalcich to make a bid of up to $25,000. No one seconded the motion and it died.