Hancock HS introduces parent lounge

HANCOCK — With new plans to improve engagement, Hancock High School has a new program to bring in more parents.

Principal Zeke Ohan updated the school board Monday on the now-running in-school parent lounge.

“They can come in for coffee and conversation, I supply the coffee, they supply the conversation,” said Ohan. The lounge is available to parents all week with Mondays being explicitly for mothers and Fridays for fathers, “in between time there is a nice mix,” Ohan said.

“The parent lounge is really a facility for parents to come in unsolicited to go ahead and just be in close proximity without the anxiety of possibly receiving a student report of their child. It puts them in close proximity to the learning environment and allows them to see what is going on first hand. Primary evidence supersedes hearsay,” Ohan said.

The lounge has the added benefit of keeping faculty on point and students on their best behavior. Ohan also has a direct line of communication far more regularly than an occasional parent-teacher conference.

“It gives me a nice area to get bounce back from, an honest interpretation if you will,” Ohan said.

To use the lounge parents check in at the front desk where they receive a guest pass.

“See what students are learning, see what is being said,” Ohan said.