Lake Linden changes winter parking hours

LAKE LINDEN — Lake Linden residents will soon have to get their cars off the street a little earlier. 

The Village Council approved changing the winter parking ban hours Thursday night. The ban will now go from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m.; it had previously started at 3 a.m. 

During heavy snow periods, the Public Works Department takes the grader out before 3 a.m., Clerk Bob Poirier said. 

“It would just make things easier as far as they’re concerned,” he said. 

President Pro Tem Allan Hoffman backed the change.

“It’s going to help him, and I know i’ve heard complaining in years past that the tickets aren’t on the cars,” he said. 

Poirier said Police Chief Tom Rosemurgy has said officers will be accommodating of bar patrons who are leaving at closing time. 

“They exercise judgement there,” he said. 

Poirier said there are three or four winter parking signs posted in the village. 

Because the hours are part of village ordinance, Poirier will publish the synopsis of that part of the ordinance for 15 days. The change will then take effect 30 days later.