Liquor license meant for research

Kali Katerberg/Daily Mining Gazette Evergreen Technology in downtown Hancock approved for up to 1,200 gallons of liquor to use in industrial wastewater treatment research.

Spelling of Evergreen Technology’s parent company corrected to: FuTianBao

HANCOCK – To the disappointment of many, the wholesale liquor license approved by the City Council Wednesday is intended for research, not alcoholic beverages.

With research focused around treating industrial wastewater, Evergreen Technology uses the large quantities of alcohol for cleaning equipment. Support from the City Council was required as part of the approval process, which was unanimously given. 

“Our testing is done on the parts per billion level so the alcohol is used to clean out our beakers and flasks and things,” said Manager Pete Mackin.

“I’ve applied for 1,200 gallons a year, we probably won’t come anywhere close to (using) that,” Mackin said.

It’s better to plan and have approval for more and not need to order it, he explained. 

The alcohol will be stored in a vault on the lower level of the Quincy Street building used for chemical storage. 

“If there ever is a fire or an issue it’s not leaving the safe,” Mackin said.  

The alcohol in question will remain in the building for solely research purposes. 

“We’re not going to be distributing anything, we can’t sell it, we can’t have it leave the premises,” Mackin said. 

He sees the work Evergreen Technology is doing with wastewater cleanup as a key to bringing manufacturing back into the U.S. and cleaning up the environment.

“That’s one of the biggest issues in getting manufacturing back going in America is the environmental discharge levels,” Mackin said. “If we can pull it off we will be very successful.” 

Evergreen Technology is a branch of the FuTianBao Environmental Technology Company of China. The proximity to talent at Michigan Tech was a major factor in Hancock becoming the home of the company.