Meth-testing program in place for KBIC

The Keweenaw Bay Housing Authority’s Drug-Free Agreement Lease Addendum is well underway. The addendum will affect tenants living in all properties under its ownership.

The addendum is “a proactive approach to begin testing for methamphetamine activities in the KBIC community. We want to address the issue before it becomes a problem,” says Housing Director Doreen Blaker.

The housing authority is currently working on procedures and the tenants will be notified of the addendum within 20 to 60 days.

“We want to make sure that we have everything in place,” said Blaker.

If the tenant or tenants agree to this addendum and signs their new lease, they are agreeing to yearly tests of methamphetamine in their apartment.

“Those not willing to sign the addendum during the lease renewal, will be removed from their current lease,” said Blaker. “They will have 30 days to vacate.”

With serious drug related issues in the community, Jennifer Misegan, vice president of the KBIC, said it is a great way to combat those problems.

Methamphetamine may not be the most popular drug in the community but it was chosen because it “is something that can be tested on the walls.”

The testing is said to be “very costly,” but for a greater good. The goal is to “ensure tenants have a safe and healthy environment,” said Blaker.

There are procedures in place for mishaps. Samples will be ” sent to labs to verify in case of false positives,” said Blaker.

Landlords are responsible for mediation if the test finds that there is methamphetamine in a unit.

“We haven’t had any issues yet and would like to keep it that way,” said Blaker.

According to Blaker, samples will be “sent to labs to verify in case of false positives.”