Student teacher organization looks at education in future

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Kyle Sutela, president of the MTU student organization Teachers of Tomorrow, discusses education topics with a guest speaker at recent meeting of the group.

HOUGHTON — Teachers of Tomorrow looks at the education system today to better inform them how the classroom of the 21st century will look.

The student organization at Michigan Technological University has about 15 members who are education majors trying to look beyond what the education program at Michigan Tech offers.

Kyle Sutela, president of Teachers of Tomorrow, said there are several goals of the organization, one of which is to increase communication between the education majors at Michigan Tech.

“There are a lot of third- and fourth-year students in the education program,” Sutela said, “that otherwise would not have a group to share concepts and ideas with.”

The organization members provide each other with feedback on lesson plans and other topics of study, in addition to practicing what the students call microteaching sessions, which are frequent in classes.

“Microteaching sessions are something that is involved in a lot of our education courses here,” Sutela said, “where you teach for 20 minutes to all of your classmates, and it’s great to have this practice, before the real deal, before you get graded on it. Those moments in our education courses are what forms a big part of our teaching portfolios for when we graduate.”

Another goal of the organization is to invite speakers to address the group, speakers who carry a strong message to the teachers of tomorrow.

“We invite speakers who are actually involved in education to come and inspire us and share their passions with us,” Sutela said.

One recent guest speaker was Ezekiel Ohan, principal of Hancock Middle and High Schools, who spoke to the group last Thursday evening. Ohan left Sutela with a positive image of education and educators.

“I was just way better than I could have imagined,” Sutela said of Ohan’s talk. “He was very validating. You hear about on the news how education is heading in the wrong direction, so it was very great to hear all these great things from Mr. Ohan. He is a principal that I want to work with. He will be getting my application when I graduate next semester.”