Business as usual for Adams Township School Board

PAINESDALE — The Adams Township School Board discussed several small changes for the foreseeable future at their Wednesday meeting.

One upcoming project is a collaboration with the Finnish American Heritage Center to bring a craftsman to teach students how to create a traditional Finnish riverboat of around 15 feet. The plan would be grant funded and be open to interested students.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for our kids to be part of something pretty unique, If the kids are able to participate as much as I want them to maybe we can do this on our own.” said superintendent Tim Keteri.

Two new individuals were hired since the last meeting. Notably, the new culinary program has been filled with courses for students to begin soon. 

In maintenance concerns, new floor scrubbers were approved to replace the malfunctioning ones in use now. The lease fits within the maintenance budget Keteri told the board, and is necessary for cleanup, particularly in the new gym.

“It’s just putting dirty water out,” Keteri explained. 

For future changes, structural issues continue in the old gym roof.

“There is some twisting of girders,” Keteri said.

The roof was examined and determined to not be a danger, but it will need to be shored up in future. According to engineers, it may be possible to add a separate new roof over the struggling historical original, leading to lower costs than initially anticipated.

Keteri suggested a millage increase may not be required if things go well. 

During the public comment portion of the meeting, one mother raised concerns regarding bullying of her daughter by another student. No action was taken during the meeting.