CCISD receives $364K state CTE grant: Money to be used for new class

HANCOCK — The Copper Country Intermediate School District was awarded a $364,000 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Innovation and Equipment Grant from the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).

CCISD was one of 14 districts that were awarded $5 million in grants, out of 62 applicants. CCISD received the full amount requested.

In the MDE press release, the state superintendent stated the importance of the equipment grants.

“Schools need state-of-the-art equipment so students can get the training they need for great careers,” State Superintendent Brian Whiston said. “These grants will help schools modernize, with the guidance from local partners who know the skills – and equipment – needed to be successful today and moving forward. We appreciate the support from the Legislature to make this happen.”

The money is to be used to purchase equipment for the new Welding & Manufacturing class that will be offered to all Copper Country schools next school year.

As previously reported, the CCISD is working to renovate the CTE building in Hancock, so that it will be equipped for the welding and manufacturing class.

“We’re very excited. Students will get more opportunities faster than expected,” said CCISD superintendent George Stockero.

Stockero said they couldn’t have done it without the support of the community. He stressed the impact the 18 local companies who helped with the planning and application.

“We’re extremely thankful to our local businesses who provided guidance on what to purchase for the lab,” Stockero said. “Their support was extremely important for helping us get this grant.”

Some of the suggested equipment from the local businesses that will be purchased is: a disk sander, platen fabricating tables, horizontal band saw, CNC Plasma Table, multi-purpose welders, aluminum welders, welding booths, a drill press and more.

Although the grant is specifically for equipment and will be solely used for the welding and manufacturing class, Stockero said it’s still a good thing for the other CTE classes.

“Because we got this grant, that will free up money to spend for the other classes,” Stockero said.