Center can’t find staff for help desk

The Regional Education Media Center (REMC) district serving the Copper Country region is struggling to obtain help desk technicians.

This is causing them to change from an intern-focused model to full-time.

The Copper Country Intermediate School District (CCISD) Board approved the hiring of the center’s third full-time technician, Dave Skotarczyck, at a meeting this week.

Skotarczyck previously owned a computer repair place for the last several years, said REMC district director Mike Richardson.

The center has had a large decrease in the number of interns that have returned.

“We’re going from 18 part-time interns last semester to five this semester,” said Richardson.

He said they have tried many different ways to entice applicants, but that is all he can find.

“It’s not that we let them go, and we’ve turned them away. We can’t find them,” said Richardson.

He said there is “a mix of issues” that contribute to why they can not obtain more applicants. Some of the past interns have started working elsewhere, are busy with classes or had to move back home.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said. “We’re offering more money. We’re offering more everything. We just can’t even get people to apply.”

Richardson believes the bright side would be that the full-time technicians will add “continuity and efficiency.”

Richardson said they have exit interviews to see what they can improve and change. They have also tried offering referral bonuses, but they “just can’t get people.”

CCISD Superintendent George Stockero believes that’s why it’s important to get students interested in computers early.

“That’s why we’re having a computer CTE (career technical education) class next year, so we can start getting them excited in high school, then they can go on and come back to work for us,” said Stockero.