Lake Linden mulls ordinance update

LAKE LINDEN — The Lake Linden Village Council discussed hiring a company to codify its ordinances at its meeting Thursday night. 

Police Chief Tom Rosemurgy and Clerk Bob Poirier have spoken with representatives from American Legal Publishing, which has worked with other Upper Peninsula communities, such as Houghton, Hancock and Iron River.

The company would go through the village’s ordinances and note conflicts between ordinances, or places where the ordinances are obsolete or conflict with newer state law. The council would then vote on whether to approve the new recommendations.

“I know we struggle individually with some of our ordinances, whether it be in the penalty phase of the ordinance, or if some of them just don’t even have penalties,” Poirier said. “They’ve been done piecemeal throughout the years, and they may even conflict with each other at times.”

Poirier said the business ordinance includes a licensing fee of $10, last updated in the 1940s. 

“Those kinds of things either could be done away with or updated,” he said. 

Rosemurgy said the company also has model ordinances it can add to fill gaps in the village’s ordinances. 

“They build it around you and what your needs are,” he said. 

Rosemurgy suggested approaching the company with a three-year payment plan for the $6,250 fee.

Poirier, Rosemurgy and Councilman Jason Reese will meet over the next month to look over the current ordinances.