L’Anse discusses the merits of the SQ3R program for its students

The L’Anse Area Schools Board discussed the way the SQ3R program is helping students study Monday evening.

SQ3R is a reading comprehension method named for its five steps: survey, question, read, recite, and review.

“The program has been around for a long time,” said principal Melissa Scroggs.

Scroggs said it teaches students how to take notes, read headings and make assumptions about readings.

“As kids are struggling to understand topics like social studies, it’s making a comeback,” said Scroggs.

The teachers in the social studies and science classes were trained to use the method.

During the secondary staff meeting, Scroggs said the teachers mentioned their success stories. Students said it helped with taking notes and studying.

According to Scroggs, one teacher said she had the “quiz scores are by far the best she’s ever had.”

Superintendent Susan Tollefson agreed with the testimonials.

“My daughter said it made her understand her reading better,” said Tollefson.

Prior to the meeting the board also had a reorganization meeting.

Vice President Joan Bugni was approved as the new president. Jim Fredie was approved as the new vice president. Christine Collins remained as the secretary, and Anne Koski remained as treasurer.

There was also a chance for members to change their committee membership.

Bugni said that she would be busy and wanted someone to take over on the Copper Country Association of School Boards committee.

Tollefson said it would be “a little difficult if you haven’t attended before.”

Jim Fredie agreed to take over, as long as Bugni does the awards ceremony, as Fredie has never attended the ceremony himself.

“I don’t mind I just don’t know what to do,” said Fredie.

Bugni agreed to do the awards.

Before going into closed session there were also reports from the principal and superintendent.