New Year, New You: Crossfit launches challenge for 2018

HOUGHTON — The new year’s resolution that doesn’t get shared is the easiest to break.

Crossfit Haakapeliitta launched a challenge Sunday to help people achieve fitness and life goals.

“We’re trying to help people improve their habits in a sustainable, effective and enjoyable way,” said owner Micah Stipech.

A tracking system to help people keep score is at The four components are physical activity, eating balanced meals, staying away from unhealthy items and a lifestyle option, in which people can choose something such as picking up a new skill or reading a certain number of books.

“It’s a holistic view of making some improvements in our lifestyles,” he said.

In previous challenges, one of the stumbling blocks for participants has been the difficulty, Stipech said. In response, they added more flexibility. The physical activity can include workouts in the Crossfit gym, as well as hockey or cross-country skiing.

This is the fifth year for the challenges.

“This is the most structure that we’ve had,” Stipech said. “It gives people a chance to make a mistake, then get back on the wagon.”

The website includes tracking sheets, as well as balanced meal formulas, detox guides and other tips. Scores are logged weekly.

“There’s an incentive to do well, because you’re showing up on a leaderboard, but we also give prizes through a drawing as well,” Stipech said. “A lot of positive reinforcement for participating and doing well, along with feeling better and looking better.”

More support comes from a Facebook group for the participants.

About 40 people had signed up as of Sunday afternoon. Stipech said the goal is to have about 50.

“It starts (Monday), so we might have some more late additions,” he said.

Mitchell Turner, who participated in last year’s no-sugar challenge, is back again this year.

“I just felt a lot better,” he said of last year’s challenge. “I didn’t have to drink as much caffeine. Workouts were a lot easier, just because my body wasn’t constantly trying to fight itself.”

Turner’s looking forward to taking on the new format.

“It’s a competition, and I’m really competitive, so we’ll see what happens,” he said.

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