The essentials of essential oils

HOUGHTON — Sharing and researching the benefits of essential oils has become a passion for some community members.

The latest presentation covered the basics of essential oils and the science and safety behind their use at the Portage Lake District Library last week.

“You couldn’t help but know where this presentation was taking place by just following your nose,” said Dr. Kemmy Taylor as the relaxing scents of peppermint and tangerine filled the room.

Taylor is a practicing local chiropractor.

She is planning several additional classes around the Keweenaw this spring with one taking place on Jan. 24 at Michigan Tech and two more on Jan. 27 and Feb. 8 at the library.

“The sense of smell is the only one directly connected to our brain,” Taylor explained.

For that reason, she often uses certain scents to improve mood and behaviors by diffusing them into the air. Something she admits to using to improve the moods of family members.

“When you wake up in the morning you can literally change the mood of your day by simply inhaling these essential oils,” Taylor said.

Significant research has gone into the benefits of essential oils with some hospitals even using blends.

Taylor recommends essential oils be used in place of many chemical cleaning products and support body health.

“In my opinion, these should be in every person’s medicine cabinet…not a substitute for, but a tool to empower you as the first line of defense,” Taylor said. “All of our cells have receptor sites for these oils.”

Taylor warns users to be careful when using essential oils. They can be very powerful, she explained. Quality is also a major factor when purchasing essential oils and buyers should beware as they are not regulated by the FDA. Taylor recommends using doTERRA oils but concedes there are other quality brands. The issue is with synthetic oils or misleading labels.