Duo share weather, stories in new book

Katrice Perkins/Daily Mining Gazette Karl Bohnak and Jack Deo present a U.P. weather slideshow to community members at L'Anse Public Library on Sunday.

Heat waves and blizzards were the talk of the day as The Friends of the L’Anse Area Schools Library hosted Karl Bohnak and Jack Deo Sunday afternoon. The duo gave a weather presentation and discussed their book, “Sunburns and Snowstorms.”

Bohak is the chief meteorologist at Marquette TV6 and has been forecasting the U.P. for over 30 years. Deo is a long time photographer.

The presentation consisted of many photos from their book that showcased the forever-changing weather in Upper Michigan, from 100-degree weeks to blizzards that shut towns down.

The book showcases 300 photos and stories of the locations and events surrounding them to depict U.P. weather in pictures and stories. Some photos dated back to the early 1800s.

Deo said the idea for the book stemmed from someone in Marquette suggesting the duo would work well together because Bohnak had the stories and Deo had the pictures.

The book was originally a slideshow for a presentation that the pair did three years ago for the Marquette Regional History Center.

“When we got done I said to Karl ‘I put all of this work into this, let’s do something with it,'” said Deo. “He turned it into a book.”

For the book, they added more pictures and stories, and even a chapter on clothing throughout the era.

Audience member Shirley Johnson said she was very familiar with the pair and had bought one of Bohnak’s prior books, so she was excited to get the latest one.

“I like to support the library and it’s a lot of fun to come out and check out everything,” said Johnson.

One of the things that people loved hearing about was the blizzard in 1938. It’s said to have quite the reputation in the U.P.

The blizzard was said to have gone on for 30 hours, bringing in 30 inches of snow.

Johnson was one who enjoyed the presentation.

“I loved hearing about the storm of ’38 and those houses on the lake full of ice,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like that. That was very interesting.”

Deo and Bohnak hope people learn to embrace the U.P. weather.

“Enjoy The weather, you can’t fight it,” said Deo. “You can’t avoid it, so enjoy it. Ski, ice fish, get a snowmobile. Or, go to Florida.”

Bohnak enjoys the abundance of information we have on the weather now and how things have changed.

“I hope that they take away an appreciation for the weather that we have up here because it can be so changeable,” said Bohnak.