Get together:

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Hancock Student Council Vice President Colton Salani (left, on stage) and President Michael Lancour, discuss school-related concerns with the student body. The council, which has a seat at board meetings, works with the School Board in addressing concerns students may have, and also to pass information from the Board to the students.

HANCOCK — The Hancock High School Student Council exercised its new right to convene during class hours when it called for a student assembly to begin at 10:15 a.m. Wednesday.

On the agenda was an update on what the council has accomplished, issues and topics the council are considering, along with concerns the students may have.

First, however, was a cautionary opening from Vice President Colton Salani.

“Part of the reason for this assembly is to show you that the Student Body Council isn’t just some publicity stunt like a lot of you think,” he told the students. “We actually have power.”

Salani said the assembly was his and Principal Ezekiel Ohan’s idea, to demonstrate to the students the legitimacy of the Student Council. Any concerns or complaints the students may have should be brought to one, or all, of the council members.

“We have a seat at the table at the board meetings,” Salani said. “We can bring things up. We can do things like this more often.”

Salani discussed the issue of girls being able to wear hats in school, which many of the male students find discriminatory. Also discussed were conditions of the shower floors, particularly in the girls’ bathroom, which is in reportedly in poor condition.

“We need the lockers looked at, too,” said one female student. “Three of the six locks on them don’t work.”

The next topic brought up was the upcoming Wing Ding Week.

Salani then explained that the council is working with the board to resolve the lunch issue, which is primarily that the students are not being given nearly enough to eat. The biggest problem is that a contract was made with a company before the school year began, Salani told the students, and because of the contract, the issue of inadequate food amounts will not go away immediately.

By the conclusion of the 15-minute assembly, the students had come to understand that currently, Hancock High School is the only school in the state with an active Student Council that actually has the ear of the School Board and the staff, and that the students’ concerns and issues are addressed, and the Student Council is respected by the school administration.