Industrial Park developing

Construction on the L’Anse Industrial Park Lambert Road is moving along and has rectified some major issues.

“Things are working pretty well right now,” said Village Manager Robert LaFave, who has been working with various agencies for several years to develop the park. “Everybody’s come together and worked very collaboratively.”

LaFave said the construction company has been clearing and leveling the site while prepping for development. LaFave also said he was surprised by how much work the company has been able to get done.

“There’s progress, but still work to be done,” he said.

LaFave is hoping the $1.8 million project will be finished by the end of summer.

As previously reported, the Village of L’Anse is seeking industrial businesses that are interested in obtaining a space in the park. The park has been having trouble solidifying businesses due to the lack of sewerage and wastewater on site and not having a Class A road. LaFave said these are critical issues for businesses. Without them, there are many limits and restrictions placed on what the businesses can sell and how they operate.

“Those two pieces are important and have hindered the development of the area,” he said. “Now that it’s done we should be able to move forward.” He said it’s been hard trying to get everything going and right for the park, but he believes these fixtures will help with attracting business for the park.

“There’s a lot of good advantages for potential businesses,” said LaFave.

According to him, some of those benefits include: “very reasonable electric rates, access to a rail line, proximity to Houghton and Marquette and access to U.S. 41.”

LaFave is excited about the support and funding that the project has received and thankful for its partners.

“I’m very happy about the progess that has been made so we can bring businesses to the area. … We’re looking forward to continue to work with our partners,” said LaFave. Interested businesses can contact the village at 906-524-6116.