KML coordinator focusing on staff recruitment

EAGLE RIVER — Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Coordinator Harvey Desnick says that while reservations and golf memberships are looking very optimistic for the upcoming year, he has been focusing on hiring workers for the 2018 summer season.

“Most of my time in the past month has been spent recruiting staff,” Desnick told the KML Board.

Most of the hiring had been done since the January regular meeting.

Desnick said he has registered with an online, statewide college job board called Hand Shake, on which he posted two job categories, one covering culinary, servers and bartenders, and the other covering hospitality, reservations, and “those types of jobs.”

“We’ve gotten those listed,” said Desnick. “It needs to be approved by the universities that accept it.”

Desnick said the universities he registered with are: Michigan Technological University, Northern Michigan University, Michigan State University, and the University of Michigan.

“The reason I picked the downstate colleges was number one, there are a lot of kids that go to school down there,” Desnick said, “but number two, Ferris State, Michigan State, and the University of Michigan have degreed programs in culinary and hospitalities. If these kids are looking to get into this business, it’s a good place to search.”

In addition to those steps for personnel recruitment, Desnick said he also attended the Northern Michigan job fair earlier in the month.

“It’s $25 to get in for a non-profit,” he said. “There were a number of other summer resorts, campers seemed to be looking for a lot of college students,”

Desnick said he was impressed both by the event and the number of those who approached his booth to apply for employment.

“It’s really nice having those kinds of people come to your booth with a resume honor roll,” he said. “They’re actually looking for a job occupation in the area that you’d like to hire. It was pretty impressive, and the follow-up has been working quite well. I’ve been conducting phone interviews this week, and I think that the new problem I’ve got is…I’ve got too many people. We’re going to have a good selection of people to pick from.”