Library seeks help in card redesign process

Photo provided by Portage Lake District Library These images show samples of the new library card design for the Portage Lake District Library. The library is holding a contest where patrons can submit original quotes on the benefits of libraries to be put on six new card designs.

HOUGHTON — The Portage Lake District Library wants help from its patrons to put the finishing touches on its new library cards.

The library is seeking original quotes about what people love about the library or why it’s important to them. The quotes will be be displayed on several versions of the card.

The cards are being updated to incorporate the library’s new logo, unveiled last month, said library director Dillon Geshel. He saw the idea online after another library had held its own contest.

“We just thought it’d be a fun and creative way to give back ownership to the patrons during the design process,” he said.

The current card design dates back to about 2009, Geshel said.

“There’s nothing broken about the old cards,” he said. “It’s just we need to apply our new logo, so we thought why not do a little redesign while we’re at it.”

The library’s looking for concise quotes summarizing what people love about libraries. The library sent out samples from previous libraries with similar cards. Those include “Because you can borrow more than you can buy” or “Use at the first sign of boredom.”

“We’re hoping people have fun with it and get a little witty,” Geshel said.

About four submissions have come in so far, Geshel said. He hopes to eventually pick six winning designs.

“We’re waiting to see how many submissions we get in the next month,” he said. “If we get a good pool to pull from, we’ll reveal the winners using National Library Week in April.”

Submit your quotes at the library, or send them via email to, or share them with the library on its Facebook page at