Renewal: Ontonagon School District re-ups staff contracts, 3 teachers retire

Skip Schulz/For the Gazette From left, Superintendent/Principal James Bobula, who had his contract renewed, and board members Karen Jackson, Tammy Strasser, Nancy Mattson discuss staff contracts at Tuesday's Ontonagon Area School District Board meeting.

ONTONAGON — Ontonagon Area School District (OASD) School Board renewed the contracts of their superintendent/principal, business services manager, and the assistant business services manager.

It was the previous week that Superintendent/Principal James Bobula had a special evaluation meeting. The final evaluation process follows the Michigan on-line format, and OASD President Dean Juntunen commended Bobula.

“Jim passed with ‘flying colors,'” said Juntunen. “On a 4 point scale, he (Bobula) got a 3.85 in leadership practice and a 3.85 in student growth.”

The OASD School Board unanimously approved renewing Bobula’s contract.

The board also unanimously approved renewing the contract of their business services manager, Linda Karttunen, and their assistant business services manager, Kristie Ollila.

“Linda (Karttunen) has been a very important part of our team, as is Kristie (Ollila), who has also been with us for a long time, 15 years.” Juntunen said.

The new contracts will be signed prior to June 30. Terms and conditions were not announced at the meeting and are yet to be determined.

The board accepted the resignation of 3 teachers. The resignations included what many on the board believed to have been the longest-serving teacher in the history of the school, Ken Raisanen. Raisanen has been with the Ontonagon School District for 43 years.

“It has been my privilege to have started and ended my teaching career in Ontonagon,” said Raisanen in a letter to the board.

Another teacher that has been in Ontonagon for over 25 years, David Linczeski, tendered his resignation.

“I’ve enjoyed my 25 years here,” said Linczeski in a letter addressed to the board. “I will miss my colleagues and students. I feel the district is moving in the right direction.”

The board also regretfully accepted the resignation and retirement letter from Linda Simi.

The board approved the low bid from Anderson, Tackman, and Company to handle the financial audit of the District. The audit will cost $9600 per year for the years ending in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The firm has handled the district’s audit for 30 years.

The Universal Services Fund contract for the district’s internet services was approved with a total cost for the services set at $14,772. After discounts and government-supported funding, the final cost to the district will be $2954.40.

The board set the fees and the hiring of Charles Zielinski and Brian Amos as instructors for the driver’s education program for this coming summer. While this is contingent upon student enrollment in the program, the fees for students in the district will be $350 for Segment 1, and $50 for Segment 2.

The rate for students outside the district will be $425 for the first segment, and $50 for the second segment.

The request for the travel fees associated with the recent trip to Escanaba for the Robotics team was approved. While the team has some money left over from last year’s successful Robotics team trips, and is in the process of raising more money for this year’s trip to Sault Ste Marie, the board approved helping to finance that trip from April 5-7.