Village fails to address concern

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Calumet Village Council members listen to a complaint regarding snow removal and parking on public streets, one of the issues the council has been studying for a number of months.

CALUMET — As the Calumet Village Council works to readdress ordinances, particularly in reference to snow removal issues, that topic came up again at last Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Village resident Penny Menze addressed the council, saying that because her property has no driveway, she must park her vehicle on the public street in front of her house.

“When winter starts, you can’t park there after two in the morning,” she said. She has been paying someone to clear the area in front of her house, she said, but a renter living next door to her began using the cleared space.

Unfortunately, it is a public street and anyone can park on it, she was told when called the Village Office.

Menze said that as she is paying to have the space in front of her home plowed, she should have the right to park her vehicle there.

“What I’d like to do is work out a solution,” she said.

Trustee Virginia Dwyer said that she did not know if a solution could be reached at the moment, and advised her to stop paying for snow removal and let the space fill in with snow.

“What you’ve got is that fine line where a neighbor is not being a nice neighbor,” Dwyer said, “and then you’re paying to clear a public sidewalk. So how do you balance that?”

As the Public Works Department is not plowing the spot, and she is, Menze wanted to know if she could have rights to park there.

Dwyer said that in looking at ordinances of the city of Houghton, she found that if a landlord does not have a parking space for a renter, the ordinance states that the premises cannot be rented. There is no overnight parking on public streets in Houghton, Dwyer said.

The city of Hancock permits residents to park on a street during the night in the instance of the property lacking a driveway, but two wheels of the vehicle must be on the sidewalk to enable the street to be plowed.

While the village council had no immediate solution to offer Menze, trustees continue to work on a solution to snow removal issues and parking within the village.