Bergman votes for amendment

WASHINGTON – Congressman Jack Bergman, member of the House Budget Committee, released the following statement after the Balanced Budget Amendment came up short in the House:

“Every individual and business in Michigan’s First District have to live within their means financially, and there’s absolutely no reason that the federal government should be an exception to that rule. Our country is facing a financial crisis, and we’re leaving our children and grandchildren an insurmountable national debt. The politicians in power have had a spending addiction for years with no physical restraint. It’s time that Congress is held to the same standard that every family in Michigan is held to,” said Bergman.

In 2017, as a member of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Bergman successfully worked to craft a balanced budget. In October of 2017, the House passed the“Building a Better America Budget” for FY2018. Due to obstruction in the Senate, the budget plan stalled.