Public hearing set for millage rates

Kali Katerberg/Daily Mining Gazette The village of South Range will hold a public hearing on the topic of millage rates.

SOUTH RANGE — The Village Council will hold a public hearing regarding millage rates in the village on June 19 at 6:30 p.m.

If a public hearing is not held and a Village Council vote taken, the rate will drop as it does each year. Both steps are necessary to raise or maintain millage rates.

Last year the mill rate was 14.7171 per $1,000 taxable value. It would fall to 14.2166 without action, said Village Clerk Jason Coffey. That equates to a $4,000 drop.

With a public hearing, the Village Council is only able to raise the mileage to 15.6656 without it going on the ballot. Last year it was allowed to drop and it was maintained the year before that.

Council President Justin Marier suggested that the council not let the mill rate drop given the tight budget this year and needed road repairs.

“We should at least have the public hearing to have the discussion about where we want to be, where we would like to be and what projects do we want to pay for with this,” Marier said.

If the mill were to be increased by one point, the village would receive an additional $12,000 for projects. That number would be mid-range for area villages, Marier said.

“We know the streets are getting bad, we need to start replacing sections of the streets,” he pointed out.

Without an increase in revenue, cuts will need to be made in the budget to stay on track.

However, there have been new buildings in the village that added to the tax base last year and will do so again, which may help with funding.