Flooding closes M-26 in Osceola

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Work crews were arlready out after heavy rains Thursday morning affected roads in Tamarack.

OSCEOLA TOWNSHIP — M-26 at Tamarack City is closed due to flooding as a result of Thursday morning rains.

“Eighth Street is overflowing with standing water,” said a Tamarack City Fire Department member, “and we’re re-routing everybody up Tamarack Hill right now.”

Woodside Location, just east of Dollar Bay was another area of caution, as an M-Dot front-end loader was constructing a berm at the end of Foresman’s Road in effort to contain the flooding on M-26.

“Foreman’s Road has been closed since the initial flood (June 17),” said Deputy Scott Leonard of the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office. “Right now, (the front-end loader) is just trying to get the water to re-rout to the sewer drains, and away from the highway.”

Several areas of roadway were under water between Woodside Location and Tamarack City. Leonard had said M-26 was initially closed at Hubbell, which is receiving flooding and water over the road near the fire hall.