Lack of power does not stop show in Covington

COVINGTON — The Covington Summer Concert Series had a rocky start Tuesday night, not because of the type of music, but rather the electricity for the Covington Pavilion wasn’t working.

“We all took it for granted,” Joan Roberts, the event organizer, said. “It worked last week.”

Around 50 attendees listened to a short acoustic set from members of the band, Country Drifters, while a generator was brought to power the sound system.

“The show must go on,” Max Beck said.

He quickly provided the generator for the concert’s use.

“Just glad to help,” Beck said.

Once the new power source was hooked in, the concert began in earnest. The band, consisting of Ron Masters, Pete Peterson and Audrey Viola, play a variety of country music including Peterson and Masters on guitar and Viola on bass, with all three singing vocals for different songs.

“We play a lot of nursing homes, stuff like that,” Masters said.

They’ve also played the concert series for around 10 years running.

Mike and Nancy Lewis from Amasa danced together and led others in a couple line dances. Sheila Heikkinen wished for cooler weather, but still enjoyed the evening.

“You can’t go wrong with good music,” she said.

The Community Women’s Group from Covington also had hot dogs, drinks and a variety of baked desserts on sale in the Community Center next to the pavilion.

Jack Joliff will be playing at next week’s event which will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday.