Some damage in Ontonagon wind blast

Skip Schulz/For the Gazette Sunday's wind storm did some sporadic damage here and there in the Ontonagona area, including this roadside sign.

ONTONAGON — Sunday’s strong winds toppled several trees and one barn, but overall the damage was minimal.

There was some damage to trees with downed branches around the village, but nothing too serious, said Village Manager Joe Erickson.

Undersheriff Jerry Balcomb said the tree damage seemed to be concentrated around Greenland Township.

“I think I handled three or four trees that fell down across roadways,” Balcomb said.

The cleanup process took several hours, but things have been put back in order, he said.

As for the barn on the Wilbur Farm on M-38, no animals were in the barn when it collapsed.

“It was kind of surprising that (the winds) were that strong. We could see the front coming in, but we didn’t think it was going to be that big of a front,” Balcomb said.

There was a significant amount of rain throughout the weekend, but the area didn’t experience any flooding issues. The winds themselves were not accompanied by much rainfall.