Baraga voters nix school sinking fund: District to ask voters again in November

BARAGA — The Baraga Area Schools (BAS) proposal for a sinking fund was turned down by voters at Tuesday’s vote by a narrow margin, 232-210. A sinking fund is a way for schools in Michigan to pay for safety and technology improvements or repair and construction of buildings with a millage rather than a bond, saving the cost of interest.

According to Richard Sarau, superintendent of BAS, the bond on the school building has just been paid off, and they intended to use the sinking fund millage for building maintenance, security and safety upgrades, and possibly the bus garage.

“We’re going to go back to the voters and ask for it again in November,” Sarau said. “I know that the Baraga community is very supportive of the school.”

Sarau thinks the community will support the fund if BAS can do a better job of explaining it.