Flood with Love initiative moves into the next phase

HANCOCK — The Portage Health Foundation’s initiative — Flood with Love — is moving into its next phase. The application deadline has closed. The applications are being processed and we are working with contractors to further define the scope of work and begin the estimation process.

Nearly 500 applications were received by the PHF office and the review process is being done to make sure eligible applicants are moved to the next stage. PHF’s flood relief is focused on individual homeowners to get them into safe, healthy home environments striving to do the most good for the most people. It is important to understand that this charitable relief is not like an insurance claim…the funds being made available are offered for critical repairs to the homes — heating, water heater, electrical and structural systems are the first priority along with efforts to mitigate mold in the home.

Contractors who are being dispatched to homes are there to address these issues only in an effort to help assess what is necessary for homes to be safe and habitable again for the owner. PHF wants to stress that the work being done is not going to be restorative in the sense of replacing everything your home was before the flood but an effort to create safe, stable, healthy living environments for families to be in their homes.

PHF knows that homeowners are anxious to get their homes back into safe conditions and they are working as quickly as they can to process, assign and get projects moving forward. We recognize that now that the application deadline has passed, that many homeowners are wondering what the status is of their application…please know that we are still working through the review process and will be contacting the homeowners in the week ahead to begin scheduling site inspections and estimates. We are also working to separate those homeowners who are only seeking reimbursement and will begin contacting them during the week of August 13th to begin eligible reimbursements.

We appreciate the community’s patience with us while we are working to support our contractors, our homeowners and implement a system necessary to manage the scope of projects that this has resulted in.

In an effort to move their initiative along and get the necessary processes in place to effectively help individuals, the PHF office will be closed to the public until Tuesday, August 7th. PHF encourages the community to allow them to focus on keeping the initiative moving forward as timely and effectively as possible.