Giving opportunity in Adams Township: District foundation provides scholarships, materials

Photo provided by Steve Sabatini Attendees are seen at a yearly support dinner, one of the methods used to raise money for Adams Township School District Foundation projects and scholarships.

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — Providing college scholarships and enhancing the district’s curriculum are the primary ways donations and contributions to the Adams Township School District Foundation provide opportunities to students.

The latest project the foundation is looking into is CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutters. CNC cutters are computer controlled machines used to cut materials like steel, wood and plastics.

Though the school approaches the foundation at least once a year with potential projects the foundation focuses on investments that will benefit the most students, explained foundation president Martin Iskra. The foundation receives a lot of support from donors from the community and graduates and they need to be sure providing the new opportunities doesn’t hinder scholarship offerings for the students going on to college.

The foundation provides about 20 to 25 scholarships a year, including eight to 10 major ones, all thanks to the generosity of former Jeffers students and their friends and families.

“They think we’re heading in the right direction. They think we’re preparing the students for real life after graduation,” Iskra said of the foundation donors.

“I’m really impressed by some of the people that donate. These are 80-year-old people that probably live on a fixed income and they’ll send you a check for $25 because they’ll check off trades or something like that. I think that tends to grow throughout the community as more and more people become basically invested in the program. It just tends to snowball,” said trustee Steve Sabatini.

The focus on both college attendees and trade skills provides opportunities for students with different priorities and often helps keep trade-interested students coming to class, he said.