Hancock students will see new faces at school

HANCOCK — Students will return to school to several new faculty members this fall with new hires and resignations approved Wednesday by the School Board.

New hires include Joan Kero as elementary and middle school physical education teacher, Brooke Goldsworthy as middle school and high school special education teacher and Heather Murphy as middle and high school science teacher. Also joining on is Erin Johnson as middle and high school math teacher and Nick Leveck as middle and high school music teacher.

Sports will also see changes, with Matt Strong as assistant varsity football coach, Paul Dube as the middle school football coach and Grant Holmstrom as assistant junior varsity football coach.

Resignations included elementary teacher Amanda Andress and middle school special education teacher Emilie Lancour.

Board President Kevin Kalinec asked elementary and middle school Principal Dan Vaara if the resignations indicated any issues, but Vaara felt the departures were attributed to declining enrollment and more teaching openings regionally.

“People are probably worried about declining enrollment. People don’t want to get laid off, and now this is the first time where people can pick where they want to work,” he said.

Declining enrollment has been seen both regionally and nationwide, said superintendent Kipp Beaudoin.

Hancock is working to bring in more students by meeting the unmet needs of the community, he said, such as expanding day care offerings.