KML prepares for ownership transfer

EAGLE RIVER — With the closing date on the sale of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge fast approaching, Harvey Desnick, KML coordinator, said everything is moving ahead smoothly in making the transfer of ownership seamless for the new owner, John Mueller. To make Desnick’s job easier, Mueller has formed a company called Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, LLC.

Transition of vendor accounts from Keweenaw County to the new company is well under way, Desnick said. He has notified vendors so they can set up the KML accounts under the new company once the closing date finalizes the sale.

“I know that John (Mueller) has already set up a bank account,” Desnick said. “River Valley is who he has chosen to work with.” He has also provided the KML management with the credit card number, so they can start building his chart of accounts, and he will be ready to go when he takes over in Sept.

Desnick said he has been working both sides of the transfer, so he has a list of items from Mueller and a list from the County Board, and it has been keeping him “pretty darned busy.”

There are a number of county-owned items that must be removed from the property, but Desnick said there are 30 days after closing to have them removed.

Desnick said the tentative plan is still to remain open year round, but there are some details that need to be addressed first.

“(Staying open) is still in the discussion,” he said, “but it looks like the plan is going to be to close on the 15th of Oct., and get out act together, open up next spring, and then run right on through the winter next year.”

Desnick said Mueller has asked him to stay on at the KML in his current capacity, which he accepted, at least temporarily.

“I’m staying on for the time being,” Desnick said. “I’ve always said I feel an obligation to help transition the business for the new owner at minimum.”