End of an Era: County turns over ownership of Mountain Lodge

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette The Keweenaw County Boardfrom left Del Rajala, Jim Vivian, Board Chairman Don Piche, Sandra Gayk, and Bob DeMarois, gave a final goodbye to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, which the county has owned for over 84 years.

EAGLE RIVER — The Keweenaw County Board relinquished ownership of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge on Wednesday and heard one last time from Harvey Desnick, who is now general manager of the KML.

With the closing of the sale to John Mueller, there are still some remaining items to address, including removing three vehicles from the property and transferring the liquor license and conducting business as Keweenaw Resort, as well as sorting out which account revenues are owed to the county and which are owed to the LLC.

Desnick told the board that the transfer of ownership has gone smoothly, and with it now completed, and the facility now in the hands of the new company, the board is operating county business as usual.

He said it was “a relief for the county taxpayers, a relief for the County Board.”

Desnick said he appreciated the support he had over the last two seasons while employed as the coordinator.

“Without your support, without your allowing me to do what I felt needed to be done, it would have been a lot more difficult,” he said. “I’ve told people that this is the best County Board the people of this county has had in the last — I don’t know how may years. The ability on the issues affecting the lodge, my ability to operate … I just want to say thank you.”

Board Chairman Don Piche thanked Desnick for doing a great job, as did member Sandra Johnson.

The lodge, Desnick said, has two more weddings before the facility closes for the year on Oct. 15.