Bramlett looks to join OASD School Board

ONTONAGON — Rebecca Bramlett is running for one of the four positions on the Ontonagon Area School District (OASD) School Board.

Bramlett is a retired police officer from Colorado. She has lived in the OASD for over a year.

“As a former police officer, school safety is a primary concern for me. I also have experience writing grants and hope to use this to help if I can,” stated Bramlett.

Along with her husband, Raymond, she owns a small farm outside of Ontonagon. They have three children that are attending the OASD. Ike, Miles, and Ella, all of which Bramlett is very proud of.

“My oldest son, Ike, is a freshman in high school, a great student and a fantastic athlete. My middle son, Miles is in seventh grade and is a student council member. And my beautiful daughter, Ella, just started her first-grade year here.”

When asked why she is running for the OASD School Board, Bramlett stated, “I am running for the School Board because I heard there was a need for people to be involved. Obviously the school is important to me as my children attend.”

Bramlett concludes with, “It is my hope to bring a new perspective and new ideas to the School Board. “

There are seven people on the ballot for the four positions, with one individual running as a write-in.