Keweenaw County elects a new probate court judge

EAGLE RIVER — Keweenaw County voters elected Probate Attorney Keith DeForge to the probate court bench on Tuesday in a race in which DeForge and his opponent, Diana Langdon were both write-in candidates. DeForge said he appreciates the trust the voters have placed in him, “with the help and support from all the residents of Keweenaw County.”

DeForge said he is looking forward to serving the residents of Keweenaw County, and he is also looking forward to putting all of his combined experiences together for the judgeship.

In response to several calls, emails, and questions from many of his clients, DeForge said he will continue to maintain his law practice, located in Houghton.

“In the state of Michigan, a probate judge can still maintain a private law practice,” he said. “What I like about keeping the private practice is that in a county like Keweenaw, with a smaller case load, it keeps you more polished up on laws and cases by practicing in front of other judges and communities.”

DeForge said that maintaining his practice will in no way interfere with his position as probate judge.