Onto schools launch new reading drive tive

This school year, Ontonagon teachers, staff, and students united to begin a reading initiative. The teaching staff decided to start the program.

“I got the idea from a family member downstate. Over 250 students, faculty, and staff participate in this,” according to Tammy Lancioni, guidance counselor for the Ontonagon Area School District (OASD).

Students from first grade all the way to 12th participate in the program. “We have this on our schedule from 9:15 to 9:30 every morning for students to read at their pleasure,” Lancioni said.

Students participating in the program appear to be happy with the initiative.

“I’m reading a lot more than I used to,” stated Dominique Hamm, a junior at OASD.

“I like it, it feels like it calms me down and makes me feel focused for the next hour,” said Lillie Pollard, a sophomore at OASD.

10th grader Teddy Menigoz stated, “From reading every day for pleasure it increases vocabulary and that helps prepare us for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test).”

Lancioni concludes with, “It has been proven that students that read at least 15 minutes a day have higher outcomes that students that don’t… There is a ton of research on this topic.”