Do you know what is your health focus for this New Year?


Most of us want a vigorous and active life well into old age. There are some easy and important things to keep in mind as you prioritize your health goals in 2019. Maintaining health is easier than regaining it after illness.

Two things seem to be common reasons for admissions to nursing facilities: the inability to get up from a chair (fracture or weakness) or the inability to control bladder and bowel functions.

Importance of bone health cannot be understated. Women need to maintain calcium intake, a good vitamin D intake, and weight bearing exercise during the decades before menopause. Our bones quickly loose strength during the first 2 years of menopause. Living in the North, we see less sun exposure which is needed to make vitamin D naturally. We are at risk for slip and falls during these icy winter months.

It is important to maintain core strength and balance to avoid injury. Review of your diet, calcium content of food you consume daily and exercise routine can identify ways to remain strong and resilient. Early diagnosis of bone loss, low vitamin D or correction of balance/strength issues can help prevent a hip fracture. Fragile bones can be a cause of hip fracture which can have a 50 percent mortality risk.

Control of bladder and bowel functions are a focus in our clinic. It is expensive to have to buy extra products for leaky bladder problems, heavy bleeding, or bowel problems. Many women are missing out on work and social events because of possible leakage. A complete evaluation of functions and examination for structural problems can give insight for treatment. Many treatment options are minimally invasive or nonsurgical. The chronic ache of having a bulging lady part is often corrected with physical therapy, exercise or nonsurgical therapies.  

Bleeding problems can also be very disabling and expensive. Treatment options include medication and minimally invasive surgery. We can quickly get you back the control you desire. You deserve good health, so make it a priority in 2019.