Village audit not complete as deadline approaches

ONOTONAGON — After being questioned about the possible loss of revenue sharing dollars from the state at the previous Village Council meeting on Jan 14, President Ken Waldrop and manager Joe Erickson addressed the issue in detail before the council began the agenda at Monday’s meeting.

The Michigan Department of Treasury sends out 180-day notices for municipalities to provide audit reports to receive revenue sharing funds.

Waldrop said even the Treasury Department admits the notice deadline the department concedes it is not a good system, and Ontonagon is not the only municipality that has a problem with this.

According to Waldrop, requiring an audit report will lengthen the village’s response time, but it will still submit it within the 180-day period.

Waldrop said the village switched to a two-year audit cycle, and the village is in the second year.

He said the state did not acknowledged the change to a two-year audit cycle until Nov. 30.

No revenue sharing has been withheld yet, according to Waldrop.

The village will look at the new system in reporting the audit to meet Treasury Department’s requirements, said Waldrop, adding the council might have to return to a one-year cycle.

Susan Lockhart, who first raised the issue at the Jan. 14 meeting, asked if the village performed an audit in 2018.

Erickson said the audit is still being done, explaining an auditor was not contracted until June.