Calumet administrator stays on job on his terms after contract expires

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Calumet Village Council members discussed retaining administrator Joe Snow for 60 days, after his contract expired Feb. 20. At the table, clockwise are Trustees Josh Rowe, Roxanne King, Nathan Anderson, and Virginia Dwyer. Snow is seated behind King.

CALUMET — The contract under which village administrator Joe Snow was working expired Feb. 20, and he has agreed to remain in the position until April 20, an extra 60 days, if the village meets his terms.

Village President Dave Geisler said Snow is asking the village to pay his compensatory time, which amounts to $2,900, he be allowed to keep his sick time and that he will work for the village 35 hours per week at $30 per hour. The Finance and Personnel Committee, Geisler said, recommended approval of his terms.

Trustee Virginia Dwyer objected to the proposal, saying she felt the village was being strong-armed. She said being paid comp time is not included in his contract, and she assumed Snow would continue to work under the terms of the expired contract.

Village Attorney Jim Tercha explained at the Feb. 19 meeting that the contract was to expire the next day, after the meeting.

“What I’m saying is, if he quits on the 20th,” Tercha said, “he won’t get his comp time, because his old contract says he doesn’t get it. He says he’ll work up to another 60 days if he gets the comp time.”

Geisler said he thought Snow’s terms were reasonable.

Under the contract, Snow was paid approximately $22 per hour at 40 hours per week.

Trustee Nathan Anderson said while he agreed with Dwyer, Snow deserved what he was requesting, and made the motion to accept the action.

“The only thing I’m going to say about this is I’m going along with this, because you’ve done a good job and everything,” Dwyer said,” but I don’t like ultimatums.”

She went on to say the council has been fair in compensating its employees, adding she recently learned the administrator makes more than Laurium’s administrator and more than the Calumet Township supervisor.

Snow responded that everyone on the council knew his contract was to end in February, and he reminded them in December.

“Nobody did anything, and so this last week, we just had the Personnel/Finance Committee today, and nobody came and asked me, and I said, ‘OK, my contract is ending, if the village wants me, this is what I want. Nobody came and asked me or said anything, so I said ‘OK.’ Now this is where we are today.”

Dwyer reminded Snow that he addressed the topic in December, telling the council his contract was nearing completion, and he had no desire to renew it.

“That’s what you told us. You said you don’t want to renew it” Dwyer said. “So nobody did anything.”

Anderson reminded council members Snow had agreed to stay on the extra 60 days, so he could train in his replacement, once that person is hired.

After more discussion, the council passed Anderson’s motion. Snow will retain his position until April 20.