Keweenaw County Board approves bid for replacing comm tower

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette The communications tower located next to the Sheriff’s Office was inspected last fall, and found to be too old to salvaged, so the decision was made to replace it. Winter arrived before the structure could be replaced, but will be this spring.

EAGLE RIVER — The project of replacing the condemned communications tower next to the Sheriff’s Department Office moved forward when the Board unanimously approved awarding the contract to Keweenaw Power and Lite, the low bidder, with a bid of $45,850.

Two bids were received and opened on March 14.

The other bid was from Range Telecommunications, which came in at $66,500.

In a letter from OHM Advisors, the county’s engineering consultant, to County Board President Don Piche, project manager Zane Hyrkas wrote that after bids were opened, OHM made post-bid submissions for experience and qualifications from each bidder.

Qualifications and experience from the bidders and their subcontractors were received.

OHM Advisors recommended Keweenaw County provide a notice of awards to Keweenaw Power & Lite for a contract price of $45,850, the letter said, pending approval by the county of the contractors contract and terms and conditions.

On OHM Advisors’ recommendation, the Keweenaw County Board at its meeting Wednesday approved the contract award by a 5-0 vote.