Lake Linden wants residents run taps to avoid freeze-ups

LAKE LINDEN — The warm weather this week hasn’t filtered down to pipes.

The village issued a let-run order effective Monday to be continued until further notice. Village customers should let a faucet run with a stream the width of a pencil.

The village will adjust the bill to an average consumption rate for the length of the let-run notice.

Eight freeze-ups have cropped up so far, compared to seasonal average of one or two, said Clerk Bob Poirier.

A main on Gregory Street also broke recently.

About 30-35 customers on the end of lines or on smaller lines have bypass valves, which when turned off stops water from registering on the meter, Poirier said.

“Now this year we’ve been getting freeze-ups where we don’t normally get them,” he said. “Once they’re thawed out, it’s found they’re actually out on some cases past the property line in the street.”

The cost to the village in billing is hard to determine, Poirier said, since it has its own well system.

Poirier told residents despite climbing temperatures, they should run water until notified otherwise. He anticipates it lasting a month until the next meter cycle.

“At that time, we’ll have to determine how we proceed from there,” he said.

Users on the water system with questions can contact the village at 296-9911.