Medical marijuana issue revived in Calumet

of medical marijuana was revived at a March 19 Village Council meeting when Trustee Nathan Anderson presented a draft of a medical marijuana facilities erdinance.

“This is just for everybody’s information,” said Anderson, “I’d like to move forward, but I don’t want anybody to be blind-sided, or feel they weren’t informed, but I drafted the Medical Marihuana Facilities Ordinance, and I put the accompanying state acts and regulations that go along with it, I’ve attached to it, as well.”

The ordinance draft was not intended for discussion during the meeting, but Anderson gave each of the trustees a copy, and also made extra copies to give interested members of the public in attendance an opportunity to view it.

The four-page ordinance, drawn up in nine sections, states its purpose as to authorize and regulate medical marihuana facilities in the village, pursuant to state law.

In addition, if passed, the ordinance will proved definitions, provide for annual fee, provide penalties for ordinance violations.

The ordinance states that after June 11, 2019, the village shall accept applications for authorization to operate a medical marihuana facility with the village.

Trustee Virginia Dwyer said later she remains apprehensive about such a facility in the village, because there is only one such facility in the Upper Peninsula, and that is in Houghton.

Throughout the state of Michigan, there are 67 licensed medical marijuana businesses, according to an mlive news article. Forty of those are provisioning centers, the retail storefront for medical marijuana.

Despite passage of Proposal 1 in last November’s election which legalized recreational marijuana use in the state, provisioning centers can only sell medical marijuana to card-carrying patients.