Roof-damaged building closes Calumet street

CALUMET — U.P. Architects and Engineering has designated the vacant former Family Dollar store building on Fifth Street dangerous after engineers inspected the structure on March 7.

U.P. Architects also recommended the street remain cordoned off until the building can be made safe again, according to a report submitted to Village President Dave Geisler the day after the building’s roof partially caved in.

“There was roof damage from excessive snow on the building this morning,” the report said, “and a subsequent partial roof collapse early this afternoon. Approximately 15-20 percent of the roof has collapsed or is seriously damaged. There is still a significant snow drift on the roof that is approximately 8-10 feet tall. This is in the range of 200-250 pounds per square foot of snow.”

Additional collapse could cause further blowouts of the glass storefront, the report states, so it is recommended to keep the street closed.

Based on the village’s Dangerous Buildings & Structures Ordinance, U.P. Engineering deemed the structure a dangerous building.

The building adjoining the Family Dollar, Calumet Floral, has also been evacuated because an initial inspection of that structure also shows signs of damage.

“We have also recommended that the building to the north, Calumet Floral, be vacated until a further determination can be made on that structure,” the report said.

From an initial inspection of that building, it appeared some damage had been sustained in one upstairs apartment of the flower building. and further damage to the Family Dollar building could cause more damage the Calumet Floral building, the report stated.

In a Monday telephone interview, village administrator Joe Snow said the owner of the building, Family Dollar, has been contacted and are aware of the situation.

Family Dollar said it intends to have one of its own engineers on site sometime Monday afternoon to assess the situation, but with the weekend storm, Snow did not know if the engineer would be able to arrive on schedule.